May is Foster care awareness month!

Foster A Voice


 May is Foster Care Awareness month! Foster-A-Voice is committed to being a voice to help bring about awareness surrounding the issues of Foster, Kinship and Adoptions and to help those dealing with the pain, trauma of not knowing or searching for the love of a parent, and help them move forward in life.

Never Resting

 There are so many children given up, abandoned, and so many have spent their childhood going from home to home, school to school, never resting, never knowing the love of a parent, barely unpacking their clothing but never their hearts and minds, never free

Aging Out

 Aging out of the system means they must now rely solely on their own resources and skill-sets. 

What resources?: No transportation, no housing, no income, no medical insurance, no tuition, clothing and very little, if any family support.

What skillet?: Many are lacking advanced education and spend much of their young lives trying to survive. 


Foster A Voice produced several foster care awareness videos to help in understanding of the plight of  these forgot children.


Silent are the voices of the children with no hope, no promise and no despair. These are the voices of the forgotten, fading away like the evening sun, never resting, never knowing the love of a mother and never free, never trusting,  never knowing when they will be welcomed in a home

Dying Wish


"Love My Girls as I Do” 

Honoring a Father’s Dying Wish

By Bryan Holley

Shared with Permission

Praying for A Miracle


Foster Care By the numbers


When it comes to Foster Care, the statistics are staggering.


· *50% of girls in foster care get pregnant within years of aging out 

· *74% of former foster kids are in the US prison 

· *50% of fosters are incarcerated two years after aging out

· *80% of youths on death row are fosters

· *30% of the homeless in America were once in foster care

· *40% of foster children are white; 34% are black; 18% are Hispanic

*Statistics provided by the US Administration for Children and Families, the US Department of Justice, the Casey Foundation and the National Foster Care Coalition, as reported by ABC News Facts on Foster Care in America May 30, 2006

US Ambassador, James P. Cain (FosterAVoice Supporter)

US Ambassador, James P. Cain: “In recent years, I have had the honor of promoting and, in some cases securing, America’s vital interests across six continents. I have witnessed the cruel impact of war and poverty, of crime and drugs, of abandonment and hopelessness. 

From Africa to Greenland, China to Russia, Kosovo to Afghanistan, I have seen countless children whose eyes have lost the spark of hopefulness. Homeless, sleeping in the streets, out in the rain and cold, with no bed to call their own.”

He went on to say, “Many turn to drugs and alcohol, while others sell themselves or become victims of human trafficking.”

The ambassador acknowledged that there are many reasons why children need foster care. “Abandonment, given up by a parent too young to care for them, a caregiver who has lost his or her job, or who has developed a debilitating medical condition. Then there are those who, I hate to say, have to be removed from an unsafe environment.”

The ambassador finished by saying; “I ask you to support "Foster A Voice". Bring awareness and support to so many of our young citizens as they struggle to break the cycle of abandonment and hopelessness.”

Bill Jordan, Radio and Television Personality

Bill Jordan, Radio and Television Personality: We are excited about this project. When you think about those who are forgotten, fosters fit that bill. It is the exception, rather than the rule that you see or hear commercials about those in foster care. People just aren’t aware of just how many children and young people need our help. All they want is to have a place they can call home. When you take a close look at the physical and psychological health effects on those in the system, we can’t stand idly by and be 


Lauren Bell, as “Jen”, film "Silence"

Lauren Bell, as “Jen”, playing the role of the older sister: “I have a friend who was in a bad place at home. She was in and out of the foster care system. Her mother and father were going through a divorce, and they used her like a pawn. They would go to court and fight to get her back, and then leave her again. Her stories have been stuck in my mind since I was little. I can’t get them out of my head. I just put myself in her shoes and my character, Jen, just comes out of me.”