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Perkins Crowd Management Groups, LLC , a privately held corporation, is a consulting firm whose primary focus is providing expertise in the areas of event planning, crowd management, legal quality control monitoring, facility evaluation and design functionality, team development, developing policies and procedures, hiring and training management and other leadership staff and providing expert witness services. 

PCMG has provided services globally, including Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, and more. Prior to PCMG incorporating into a Limited Liability Corporation in 2009, the company did business as Perkins and Perkins and The Perkins Group. .

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Crowd Management Services

Crowd Management

Crowd Satety and Survival

Do you feel safe in crowds? Are you confident that your loved ones know how to protect themselves in a crowd? Each day, we hear news accounts of injuries and deaths where people have been involved in some sort of crowd-related incident. Whether at a house party, on a balcony, at a wedding, standing in line for a special holiday sale, on a train platform or in crowds. Crowding, stampeding, trampling, suffocation, with no avenue of escape, is the number one cause of multiple injuries and deaths in crowds. Crowds increase or decrease from a few people to thousands in a matter of minutes. It is within this period that the greatest potential for serious problems arises. Often, people attending an event and other gatherings are not aware of the dangers that lurk within crowds. Their excitement and attention is usually focused on the event and other activities and not how to protect themselves. This book will teach you Crowd Safety and Survival Technique. The life you save may be your own or a loved one.  

Event Planning

Crowd and Event Planning


Event planners must understand how to prepare for the human fact in all events. There is no question that injures and deaths occur during public gatherings. The eight steps outlined in this book will help you identified, plan and executive the event to minimize the dangers that lurk within crowds and events. When life is imperiled or a dire situation is at hand, safe alternatives may not exist. Ask yourself, “what are my oppositions?”

Day of Event Cancellation

Day of Event Cancellation Procedures

  The chain of events, which take place during a day of event cancellation closely, resembles an emergency evacuation. In all actuality, a day-of-event cancellation is an emergency because it is unexpected and causes crowd and media behavior changes.  This rapid reverse order of events resembles a movie suddenly stopping and then playing in reverse.  A plan is not only necessary to handle the cancellation smoothly, professionally, safely and efficiently, but ensures the reputation of the facility will go unblemished within the community, patrons, sponsor, promoters, tenants and staff.  

Type of Event

Type of Event

Type of Venue

Type of Venue

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures


Clients List

Expert Monitor – State of New York (Confidential Client)

· Served as the Crowd Management and Life Safety Expert for a worldwide corporation. 

· Objectives were to preview and approve the assembled corporate internal and external subject matter expert team’s development of Crowd Management Plans and monitor the execution and effectiveness of plans for the entire State of New York (Subsequently rolled nationwide to over 4000 retail establishments). Findings were attained through the process of on location observations, self-reports, personal observations, and random sampling of selected facilities. 

Orange County Fair, Orange County, California

· Interviewed executive leadership, conducted a comprehensive survey site survey.

· Analyzed Life Safety and Crowd Management programs and programs and provided findings. 

· Developed exclusive Crowd Management and Life Safety plans expressly for Orange County Fair.

· Conducted Life Safety and Crowd Management training for all levels of Orange County personnel.

City College of New York 28 Wrongful Death Charges

· Served as the sole expert for plaintiff in the wrongful death charges filed against the City College of New York and Rap Star, Shawn Puffy Combs (P. Diddy)

· Eight people lost their life in a crowd-crushing incident of the stairwell of the Nat Holman Gymnasium at the City University of New York, during a celebrity basketball/rap concert. 

· Won all 28 cases

Don Imus (Radio Talk show Host)

· Planned and executed The Hackensack NJ Medical Center Fundraiser Event and the exhibition event at the Walddorf Hotel, New York

· Virginia Slim Tennis Tournament, Hanover, NJ

· Planned all aspects of this celebrity tennis event.

Australia Sports Complex, Melbourne, Australia

· Developed policies and procedures, conducted training.

Curriculum Developer and Master Instructor

· Academy for Venue Safety and Security

· Training Crowd Managers

· Public Venue Management School (West Virginia)

· Venue Management School (Australia)

· Rod Labor Arena (Australia)

· E2 Arena (London)

· Hong Kong Stadium (Hong Kong)

· Music Festival (Canada)

. Floras Stadium (El Salvador) 

Concert Safety

Concert Safety