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Mr. Perkins is a 42-year public assembly industry veteran with a vast array of expertise in venue management, including his 24 year service as Vice President at the Meadowlands Sports Authority, home to the New York Football Giants and Jets, IZod Center, and Meadowlands Racetrack. Former home to the NBA NJ Nets, NHL NJ Devils, NCAA Section Hall Basketball, NASCAR Grand Prix, MISL Cosmos Soccer and a host of world-class events.

He is a Certified Facilities Executive (CFE), a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and a Crowd Management Professional (CMP). As a Private Investigator, he held a Department of Defense Top Secret Clearance.

He is the author of “Buck Seventy-Two, A Destiny of Will,” 2015, “Crowd Safety and Survival – Practical Event and Public Gathering Safety Tips,” 2004; “Crowd Management; in the eye of the storm”, 1997; Eight Point Crowd and Event Planning Model, 2007 and has written numerous articles for the IAVM Facility Manager Magazine, Stadia Magazine, Teen People Magazine and others. He is an internationally renown Crowd Management expert. More recently, Larry appeared on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and a NBC TV Dateline segment on crowd safety and survival entitled, “Get Out Alive.” 

Perkins served as the 80th President of the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) from 2006 to 2007. 

Appointments and Service


  • Recipient of the 2013 IAVM Prestigious Charles A. McElravy Award
  • Johnson and Wales University Distinguished Visiting Professor Award
  • State of New Jersey Senate Resolution
  • NC Senate Resolution
  • 2018 Champion for Children’s Award, present by the NC Foundation for Public School Children. 


  • Foster A Voice, LLC, a nonprofit to support foster children 
  • Founder,  Northeastern Americans with Disabilities Act Consortium (NAD‑AC)


  • North Carolina State’s Emergency Response Commission
  • Chair SERC School Safety Subcommittee
  •  More

Buck Seventy-Two

Buck Seventy-Two

The Journey

Enfield, North Carolina is not a large spot on the map, but for a young Larry Perkins, it was his whole world. Born to a sharecropper father and a mother who dreamed of the finer life, Larry’s childhood was tumultuous. In early child hood, his mother abandoned him and left for New York City to chase her dreams. Larry spent the first 9 years of his life bouncing from family member to family member before landing in his father and stepmother’s home. His father soon enslaved him, forcing him to work day and night - on the farm. The rules and demands of sharecropping life left little time for play, and work quickly overshadowed school. Through hard work in the fields and his refusal to quit, Larry found a path out of the poverty. Armed with just a few dollars, Larry ran away at the age of 16. He purchased a one-way ticket to New York, with the goal of finding his mother. When he arrived in the big city, all he had was $1.72, his courage and his persistence. Through all the hardships, Larry was able to use his traits and his refusal to quite to bring him from farm to fame. 

Life Choices

The Path I Chose


The mission of Life Choices is to explore and discover the hidden self. Knowing who you are is crucial. Written as a companion book to the memoir, Buck Seventy-Two, the book gives readers suggestions and guidelines on the power to change – to make choices that benefit them, their loved ones, their community, their workplace and even the world. Life Choices will help readers to succeed in business, improve relationships, develop a positive attitude, become healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually – achieve financial prosperity, and to have more fun in life. By using these principles and going through the exercises prescribed in this booklet, readers will discover how to put their plans into action.

Larry Perkins is the son of a tenant farmer from Enfield, North Carolina. Despite the many obstacles and setbacks, Perkins experienced growing up; he has traveled the world and is now a highly successful executive at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC. Perkins shares his story – in Buck Seventy-Two – as well as the principles – in Life Choices – that helped him overcome poverty, segregation and abandonment.

Life Choices

Life Choices

World Renowned Crowd Management Expert

Crowd Safety & Survival

Crowd Safety and Survival

Crowds and your Safety

Do you feel safe in crowds? Are you confident that your loved ones know how to protect themselves in a crowd? Each day, we hear news accounts of injuries and deaths where people have been involved in some sort of crowd-related incident. Whether at a house party, on a balcony, at a wedding, standing in line for a special holiday sale, on a train platform or in crowds. Crowding, stampeding, trampling, suffocation, with no avenue of escape, is the number one cause of multiple injuries and deaths in crowds. Crowds increase or decrease from a few people to thousands in a matter of minutes. It is within this period that the greatest potential for serious problems arises. Often, people attending an event and other gatherings are not aware of the dangers that lurk within crowds. Their excitement and attention is usually focused on the event and other activities and not how to protect themselves. This book will teach you Crowd Safety and Survival Technique. The life you save may be your own or a loved one. 

Perkins is recognized as one of the top experts on Crowd Management, Safety and Event Planning with more than 42 years of experience and his advice and teachings have taken him to Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, England, Amsterdam, Demark, El Salvador, Mexico, Canada and more.

He has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs including NBC TV Dateline on a segment on crowd safety and survival entitled, “Get out Alive,” on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” ABC, CBS, FOX and more.

He is a Certified Facilities Executive (CFE), a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and a Crowd Management Professional (CMP). Was a Private Investigator, Regional Security Manager and held a U. S. Top Secret Clearance.

Perkins served as an Adjunct Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, master instructor at the IAVM Academy, TX, Venue Management School, VA, ICMC and Training Crowd Managers. He is a member of the NC State University’s Sports Management Board and is a NC State Commissioner.

Event Planning

Eight Point Crowd and Event Planning Model


Event planners must understand how to prepare for the human fact in all events. There is no question that injures and deaths occur during public gatherings. The eight steps outlined in this book will help you identified, plan and executive the event to minimize the dangers that lurk within crowds and events. When life is imperiled or a dire situation is at hand, safe alternatives may not exist. Ask yourself, “what are my oppositions?”

Crowd and Event Planning

Crowd and Event Planning

Day of Event Cancellation

Day of Event Cancellation Procedures

Event Cancellation Procedures

 The chain of events, which take place during a day of event cancellation closely, resembles an emergency evacuation. In all actuality, a day-of-event cancellation is an emergency because it is unexpected and causes crowd and media behavior changes.  This rapid reverse order of events resembles a movie suddenly stopping and then playing in reverse.  A plan is not only necessary to handle the cancellation smoothly, professionally, safely and efficiently, but ensures the reputation of the facility will go unblemished within the community, patrons, sponsor, promoters, tenants and staff. 

For Children

Jasper Rabbit

A Lovable Rabbit

Jasper is a lovable rabbit who likes playing in the field. People are accustomed to seeing there playing about. They even say hello to him as they pass. The children often stop to watch him. One day, the people did not see him. After a week, they became very concerned and started a search party, they searched field after filed, but no luck. Then, someone remembered seeing him visit another farm, which is where the searched next. They found him. But wait, what a big surprise they had when they found him.   

Jasper Rabbit

Jasper Rabbit

Chefs Around the World

A Tasteful Melody (Recipes)

Recipes provided by Sports and Entertainment Professionals

 A Tasteful Melody is IAAM's first industry cookbook. It is filled with many signature recipes submitted by the executive chefs of our facilities, not to mention backstage caterers, who create a home environment on show days for the touring shows and some favorites of the artists that perform in our venues. The cookbook will provide timeless memories of your affiliation with the wonderful business of venue management and serve as a connection to those relationships you have developed in IAAM. You will enjoy discovering new cuisines and reading all the many stories and family traditions and secrets behind some of the specialty recipes. Moreover, the sale of the cookbook will benefit the IAAM Foundation. There is no question that without the Foundation, many of the specialty and educational programs and research initiatives that we enjoy today would not be possible with the generous support of the Foundation, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary (2007).